GDPR | General Data Protection Regulation

Xercise (hereinafter "Company") and (hereinafter "Website") for the Processing of Personal Data According to Regulation (EU) 2016/679 and the relevant Greek Legislation.

The Company informs you, under Regulation (EU) 2016/679 and the provisions of the relevant Greek legislation on the protection of personal data, in its capacity as responsible for processing, that it processes your personal data collected or by submitting an application for the granting of a service, either later, including those arising from the conclusion and operation of a contract(s) with the Company, or in the context of relations and transactions with the Company in general, according to the following.

1. What personal data does the Company collect from you and from where?

a) Your contact information: email address, name, etc. The data is collected directly by you.

b) Data from the use of electronic and / or digital services of the Company (eg cookie IDs, IP addresses, location data or other online identification) according to their specific terms.

In case you provide us with personal data of third parties, you must have secured their consent and referred them to this Company.

2. Why the Company collects your data and for what purposes it processes it

The Company collects and processes your personal data: This processing of data under 1. serves purposes such as:

a) Your identification and communication with you at the stage of both the pre-contractual and the contractual relationship with you, as well as any other transaction with the Company.

b) The preparation of the contract with you, its execution and in general its smooth operation and the fulfillment of the Company's obligations to you.

c) The provision of ancillary services for your information. (Eg Weekly newsletter for our news etc).

d) For purposes of legal interests of the Company or a third party. This processing of data under 1. serves purposes such as the security of IT systems, facilities and assets of the Company, the protection of the legal rights and interests of the Company, the information and / or your participation in promotions for new products and / or services, provided that your consent has not been chosen as a legal basis for such processing. Processing of this precedes the weighing that in the interests of the Company the interests or fundamental rights and freedoms that require the protection of your data do not prevail.

e) With your consent. In cases where we have requested and obtained your consent, the processing of the data under 1. is based on this consent. In such cases, you have the right to revoke your consent at any time, without, however, prejudice to the lawfulness of the processing based on your consent prior to its revocation.

3. Who are the recipients of your data?

In fulfilling the contractual and legal / regulatory obligations of the Company, the service of its legal interests, as well as in cases where the Company is authorized or has obtained your consent, recipients of your data may be the following:

a) The employees of the Company who are responsible for the evaluation of your requests, the management and operation of the contract(s) with the Company, for the fulfillment of the obligations arising from it (them), as well as the relevant obligations imposed by law.

b) Supervisory, independent, judicial, prosecutorial, public and / or other principles or parties to which control / monitoring of the Company's activities has been assigned within the scope of their responsibilities.

4. The Company may forward your data to third countries (outside the EU).

a) The Company does not transmit any of your data to third countries outside the EU.

b) The Company uses services such as social networks to promote its products - services. By accepting the terms of use, you also accept the terms of use of social networks if you use their functions. The Company bears no responsibility for the personal data (for example ip address) collected by third parties (social networks) that are embedded in our pages.

5. How long will the Company keep your data?

In case you enter into a contract with the Company, your personal data will be kept throughout it. In any case of termination of the contract, the Company may keep your personal data until its completion in accordance with the time limit of the general limitation period of claims, ie up to twenty (20) years from its expiration in any way.

6. What rights do you have to protect your data?

You have the following rights:

a) To know the categories of your personal data that we keep and process, their origin, the purposes of their processing, the categories of their recipients, the time of their observance, as well as your relevant rights (access right).

b) Request the correction and / or completion of your personal data, so that it is complete and accurate (right of correction), providing any necessary document from which the need for correction or supplementation arises.

c) Request a restriction on the processing of your data (right to restrict).

d) To oppose any further processing of your personal data that we observe (right of objection).

e) Request the deletion of your personal data from the files we keep (right to be forgotten).

g) Request the transfer of your data by the Company to any other controller (right to the portability of the data). h) To file a complaint with the Personal Data Protection Authority (, if you consider that your rights are being infringed in any way.

As for the newsletters via email that the company sends to you at regular intervals, you can choose not to receive them by following the links in the emails.

Finally, when you access the Website, you can choose whether or not you want cookies to be collected for statistical purposes.

7. How can you exert your rights?

For the exert of your rights, you can contact in writing, at the address Geor. Α 26, Tripoli, Peloponnisos, 22132, Greece or by e-mail to sales(at)

The Company will make every effort to respond to your request within thirty (30) days of submission. This period may be extended for an additional sixty (60) days, provided that this is deemed necessary at the Company's absolute discretion, taking into account the complexity of the request and the number of requests. The Company will inform you in any case of extension of the deadline within thirty (30) days.

The above service is provided by the Company free of charge. However, in the event that the Customer's requests are manifestly unfounded, excessive or repeated, the Company may either require the Customer to pay a reasonable fee, informing him thereof, or refusing to comply with his request / requests.

8. Data Protection Officer

You can contact the Data Protection Officer for issues related to the processing of your personal data at the address  Geor. Α 26, Tripoli, Peloponnisos, 22132, Greece or to the email address sales(at)

9. How the Company protects your personal data

The Company implements appropriate organizational and technical measures for the security of your data, ensuring its confidentiality, processing and protection from accidental or unfair destruction, accidental loss, alteration, prohibited dissemination or access and any other form of unauthorized processing.

This update replaces, from 09.09.2021 (date of implementation of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 on personal data protection), any other previous general information for the processing of your personal data. The Information Form is also posted on the Company's website at and is also available from the Company's offices.

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