Pegasus® JX‑DS913 Home Gym
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Pegasus® JX‑DS913 Home Gym

Short description: Pegasus® JX‑DS913 Home Gym Pegasus® JX-DS913 is a durable Home Gym that offers a large number of exercises and features a 65kg weight stack in a protective shroud.
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Pegasus JX‑DS913 Home Gym

Product Overview

Pegasus® JX-DS913

Pegasus JX-DS913 is a functional, ergonomic and stylish machine, ideal for strength workouts in your own personal space. 

Switching between exercises is easy so you will not lose time from your workout, thus keeping your intensity at high levels! Additionally, there is a protective shroud for the weights and a curl pad, while the pulleys have bearings in order to provide extremely smooth load movement. 

Weight stack


The Pegasus® JX-DS913 has built-in vinyl coated plates weighing a total of 65 kg, in a protective shroud.




The pulleys and aircraft cables ensure smooth motion during exercise.


4 attachments


The JX-DS913 includes one lat bar and one small bar, an ankle strap and an ab strap for your workout.


Curl pad


The JX-DS913 is equipped with a curl pad for better arm training.


Ab strap


The JX-DS913 features one additional pulley above the back at the height of the neck, so with the integrated strap you can perform ab exercises.


Curl pad


With the curl pad, you can perform exercises such as bicep curls, either with the low pulley or with the optional dumbbells. 


Protective shroud


For your own safety and for the safety of the weights, you will find an elegant shroud that not only covers but also numbers the weight plates. 





65 kg

Weight cover


Weight protection

In protective shroud


Aircraft type

Indicative exercises

Pec deck, low pulley, chest straps, bicep curls, leg extensions, lat pulldown, etc.

Curl pad


Ab function


Leg function



Small bar, lat bar, ankle strap, ab strap

Maximum user weight

125 kg


177 (L) x 95 (W) x 199 (H) cm

Package Description


Package 1

42.50 kg

186.00 cm

46.00 cm

21.00 cm

Package 2

14.50 kg

173.00 cm

38.00 cm

12.00 cm

Package 3

32.00 kg

40.00 cm

33.50 cm

19.00 cm

Package 4

33.00 kg

40.00 cm

33.50 cm

19.00 cm

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